Sandusky Limited

High-integrity centrifugals for papermaking and industrial applications

Helping customers in diverse markets including Pulp & Paper, Defence, and other industries in more than 20 countries has helped position Sandusky Ltd as a leading global metals partner.  Customers count on the reliability of our products, processes, and advanced centrifugal casting technology.

When customers experience our rapid response, reliability, robust processes, and technical understanding, they know they are dealing with metals and market experts.  As a fully integrated operation including casting, heat treat, rough machining, and finish machining, Sandusky Ltd produces some of the largest horizontal centrifugal castings made today.  Casting in copper based alloys, mild steel, and stainless steel alloys (including duplex), Sandusky Ltd supplies to a variety of market sectors worldwide where heat, wear, and corrosion resistant alloys are required.

Papermaking Machinery

Sandusky Ltd has been the worldwide leader in centrifugally cast paper rolls for more than half a century.  Customers rely on us because we are one of the few fully integrated suction roll shell manufacturers in the world.

Over the years, our product line has grown to include Polycast Shells and complete roll products that utilise our core shell products such as suction roll shells, felt rolls, and press rolls. In addition, our customers have benefited greatly from our many years in development of stainless-steel alloys.

Customers designing, manufacturing, or operating papermaking machinery rely on us for the world's leading rolls and shells. Utilising a deep understanding of challenges our pulp & paper customers face, Sandusky provides products and solutions to extend roll life and reduce operating and maintenance costs. 

Typical Papermaking Products

  • Dryer felt rolls

  • Lump breaker rolls

  • Paper rolls

  • Polycast shells

  • Press felt rolls

  • Reel spools

  • Suction roll shells

  • Winder roll shells

  • Wire turning rolls

Industrial Products

Sandusky Ltd is the world leader in custom-made large diameter cylinders in long, unwelded lengths.  Sandusky pioneered the centrifugal casting process a century ago and offers unparalleled flexibility in dimensions, composition, and properties.  Our manufacturing process ensures inherent roundness, straightness, and uniform wall thickness.  When multiple shorter lengths are needed, several pieces can be economically made from a single casting.

Processes and Capabilities

  • Centrifugal casting from 305 mm (12") to 1,150 mm (45") diameter

  • Cast lengths to 10.5 m (413")

  • Maximum pour weight 20,000 kg (44,000 lbs.)

  • Fully integrated machine shop with turning/boring capacity, including CNC for complex profiles

  • 3x multi spindle drilling machines


Sandusky Ltd specializes in just about any ferrous high-performance alloy.  In addition to industry standard alloys, MetalTek regularly works with customers to modify grades to deliver the performance needed for their particular application and environment.

Suction roll shells made from our patented Alloy 86® duplex stainless steel, DSA06, and CA-15 are recognized as the industry standard for long life and reliability.  Paper mills looking to extend lifecycles and reduce the cost of unplanned failures rely on Sandusky for their replacement roll needs.

For more information on MetalTek alloy capabilities, visit our alloy guide.

Accreditations and Certifications

Like all MetalTek facilities, Sandusky Ltd is equipped with an on-site chemical and mechanical laboratory.  Certifications include:

  • Lloyd's Register (Copper Alloy Castings for Valves, Liners, Bushes and Fittings; Austenitic and Duplex Stainless-Steel Centrifugal Castings)

  • ABS / American Bureau of Shipping

  • DNV / GL Det Norske Veritas / Germanischer Lloyd

  • MOD Defence Equipment & Support

  • BV / Bureau Veritas

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Accumulator Tube

Accumulator Tubes

MetalTek leads the Accumulator market offering the largest selection of size, centrifugal dies, and manufacturing capabilities.

Suction Rolls

Suction Roll Shells

Suction rolls made from our patented Alloy 86 duplex stainless steel.

Briquetting Rolls

Briquetting Rolls

MetalTek is experienced in centrifugal casting CDA 815 chrome copper which is commonly used in food applications.

Shaft Sleeves

Shaft Sleeves

Propulsion shafting for ocean-going Military and Commercial vessels is a critical and expensive part of the propulsion system.

Continuous Annealing Roll

Continuous Annealing Roll

Large diameter rolls produced using the centrifugal and sand casting process.

Squeeze Press For Dewatering

Squeeze Press for Dewatering

Squeeze presses for dewatering are a natural application of centrifugal casting.