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Non Ferrous Metal Casting

What Is Non-Ferrous Metal?

November 23, 2020

Non-ferrous metals or alloys are materials that are not iron-based like their ferrous counterparts. Ferrous metals contain iron making most of their metals a magnetic property.  Non-ferrous metals are found in the Earth as chemical compounds. The most important non-ferrous metals happen to be oxides or sulfides. One of the more common groups of non-ferrous…

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Petrochemical Tubes

Petrochemical Rapid Shutdowns: How to Choose a Rapid Response Metal Casting Supplier

September 4, 2020

Planned turnarounds are regular occurrences in the life cycle of a petrochemical plant. Every few years, a plant will go offline for a few weeks to upgrade capital equipment, perform regular maintenance, or improve worker safety – all activities that cannot take place while a plant is operational. When properly executed, a planned turnaround limits…

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