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The Case for Centrifugal Casting

The Case for Centrifugal Casting

December 10, 2021

Prices of materials such as copper and nickel continue to rise and pressure lead times. Thankfully, the centrifugal casting process is here to help buyers mitigate against this curve and protect their supply chains. For diameters of 14” (355 mm) or more it makes sense to use centrifugal castings from MetalTek instead of forgings, especially…

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Sand Casting Pattern

Tooling for Different Types of Casting Processes

November 23, 2021

Tooling is critical to the different metal casting processes that MetalTek uses to manufacture components for the world’s most demanding industries such as aerospace, defense, and petrochemical. Our metal castings must be efficient, precise, and innovative. They simply cannot fail – even in high-heat, high-wear, and high-corrosion environments.   Metal casting involves pouring molten metal…

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Why MetalTek Is The Right Choice

October 20, 2021

When a business is true to its values, it shows. Being a company with true purpose takes something beyond just a thoughtful mission statement or meaningful corporate giving. It takes a true commitment to Making A Lasting Difference. MetalTek’s Culture Employees at MetalTek start every one of our internal meetings with a ‘safety moment’. Before…

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Aerospace Rocket

What is NADCAP Certification, and Do You Need It?

October 6, 2021

Earning NADCAP certification means that a company has improved its processes to be a better supplier to Aerospace and Defense companies. Tina Dutcher and Jim Myers of MetalTek’s Wisconsin Investcast Division explain the importance of NADCAP – whether you are a foundry producing investment castings or centrifugal castings, or any other supplier to these highly…

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Sand Casting Being Poured

Benefits of Using Sand or Centrifugal Castings for Tooling Dies

October 3, 2021

What manufacturing process do you utilize for your hot forming and superplastic forming dies? Forgings, fabrications, castings, something else? As with many metal products, you have options at your disposal to manufacture forming dies, including the sand casting and centrifugal casting processes. Since every tooling die is different and has its own unique set of…

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Things To Consider

Tooling And Forming Dies: Tips For Selecting The Best Alloy For Your Application

October 2, 2021

You have designed your tooling or forming die based on the finished part you need, and you know how you will manufacture the tool or die.  Perhaps you plan on utilizing MetalTek’s sand or centrifugal casting processes.  However, you need to determine the best alloy for your tooling or forming die.  Since every application is…

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Tooling For Fan Blades

3 Examples Using Metal Castings for Tooling in Aerospace Applications

October 1, 2021

Hot forming and superplastic forming dies are a tool used to form a material to a desired shape. This tool or die is usually made from specialized metals including H-Series stainless steel, Invar, or Inconel. Like most metal components, there are various ways to manufacture forming dies, including the sand casting and centrifugal casting processes.…

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NADCAP Investment Casting

4 Examples When the Investment Casting (Lost Wax) Process Solved A Customer’s Problem

August 26, 2021

Think of a problem that you face in metal component design or application. MetalTek helps companies just like you solve problems every day. Here are just a few examples of when the investment casting (lost wax) process helped solve a problem, made a customer’s product better, or saved money. For questions regarding any of your…

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Metal Casting Melting

MetalTek International’s Safety Culture

June 28, 2021

MetalTek’s top priority is safety. Our safety culture is based on the ideas that safety is everyone’s responsibility and that all safety incidents are preventable. A recent safety milestone at MetalTek’s Carondelet Division is the latest example of MetalTek’s safety culture in action. Carondelet Passes 2.5 Million Hours Worked Without a Lost Time Safety Incident…

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MetalTek International

MetalTek Announces Karen Loritz as Chief Financial Officer

June 7, 2021

Press Release MetalTek International, a leading global manufacturer of critical metal components that power, protect, and connect the world, today announced that Karen Loritz has been named Chief Financial Officer. “Karen brings to MetalTek invaluable experience leading finance teams and unique strategic knowledge to support MetalTek’s long-term growth objectives,” said E.J. Kubick, Chief Executive Officer…

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