Non-Ferrous Alloys

Non-ferrous alloys are, literally, materials that are not iron-based. While others may provide non-ferrous materials of other materials, the MetalTek family of non-ferrous alloys are copper-based. In general, these materials deliver high strength, and excellent wear and corrosion resistance. They are often found in marine applications and also bushing, bearing, and gear environments. Want to know common applications for non-ferrous alloys? Download our Where Used Guide.

Download Our Where Used Guide

Versatile copper-based alloys with good ductility, strength, toughness, wear resistance.

Copper based materials alloyed with tin to increase mechanical properties.

Superior bearing materials that balance performance, properties and cost.

Commonly used in marine applications due to their high resistance to erosion.

Where corrosion resistance or high electrical resistance properties are important.

Copper-based material with manganese for heavily stressed gears, shafts, machined parts.

High purity copper alloys chosen because of their ability to conduct electrical current.