Gear Bronze

This group of alloys consists of copper with the major alloying element being tin.  The presence of tin provides high mechanical properties, but with it somewhat higher metal cost. High tin bronzes are particularly suited for certain applications for which the less expensive bronzes are not suitable. Alloys in this group are particularly resistant to corrosion caused by certain specific materials. Bearings using these alloys must be very carefully aligned and positively lubricated, and they tend to require harder shafts than do the higher leaded bronzes.  

  • C90800

    Cast UNS: C90800

    Cast Grade: C90800

    Cast ASTM: B427

  • C91700

    Cast UNS: C91700

    Cast Grade: C91700

    Cast ASTM: B427

  • C92900

    Cast UNS: C92900

    Cast Grade: C92900

    Cast ASTM: B427, B505

  • C21000

    Cast UNS: C21000

    Wrought UNS: C21000

    Other: Gilding 95%

  • C90700

    Cast UNS: C90700

    Cast Grade: C90700

    Cast ASTM: B427, B505

    Military / AMS: QQ-C-390B

    Other: SAE 65 (Cross reference only; spec discontinued)

  • C91600

    Cast UNS: C91600

    Cast Grade: C91600

    Cast ASTM: B427

    Military / AMS: MIL-C-15345G-23

  • C83400

    Cast UNS: C83400

    Cast Grade: C83400

    Other: Cast Red Brass

  • C92500

    Cast UNS: C92500

    Cast Grade: C92500

    Cast ASTM: B505

    Military / AMS: QQ-C-390B

  • C91100

    Cast UNS: C91100

    Cast Grade: C91100

    Cast ASTM: B22

  • C91300

    Cast UNS: C91300

    Cast Grade: C91300

    Cast ASTM: B22, B505

    Military / AMS: QQ-C-390B

  • C90500

    Cast UNS: C90500

    Cast Grade: C90500