Manganese Bronze

Manganese bronzes are a group of high strength copper-based alloys that include manganese as an alloying agent and high levels of zinc.  They are characterized by high strength and hardness. This grade provides tensile strength to 110,000 psi and hardness well over 200 BHN. Manganese bronzes are used for trunnion bearings, heavily stressed gears, gearshift forks, impellers, marine propellers, valve stems, worm gears, and worms.  It is also used for highly stressed machine parts.

  • C86300

    Cast UNS: C86300

    Cast Grade: C86300

    Cast ASTM: B271, B584, B148

    Military / AMS: MIL-C-15345-6

    Other: SAE 430B (Cross reference only; spec discontinued)

  • C86400

    Cast UNS: C86400

    Cast Grade: C86400

    Cast ASTM: B271, B584, B763

    Military / AMS: QQ-C-390B

  • C86500

    Cast UNS: C86500

    Cast Grade: C86500

    Cast ASTM: B271, B584, B148

    Military / AMS: MIL-C-15345-4

    Other: SAE 43 (Cross reference only; spec discontinued)

  • C86200

    Cast UNS: C86200

    Cast Grade: C86200

    Cast ASTM: B271, B584, B148

    Military / AMS: MIL-C-15345-5, MIL-C-2229-9

    Other: SAE 430A (Cross reference only; spec discontinued)