Cobalt Based

Cobalt based materials are alloyed with chrome, nickel, and tungsten. Due to the high cost of these alloys, they are used where severe conditions prevail and require high temperature strength and hardness, excellent wear, galling, corrosion, and/or erosion resistance.

  • R30021

    Cast UNS: R30021

    Cast ASTM: A732

    Military / AMS: AMS 5385 (AMS specifying investment casting)

  • R30031

    Cast UNS: R30031

    Cast ASTM: A732

    Military / AMS: AMS 5382 (AMS specifying investment casting)

  • R30006

    Cast UNS: R30006

    Military / AMS: AMS 5373 (AMS specifying sand casting), AMS 5387 (AMS specifying investment casting)