Browse Alloys for the Material That Best Fits Your Application

At MetalTek, we make it easy for you to find the perfect alloy grade for your application. With our vast practical expertise in hundreds of alloy grades, you can be confident that the material properties you need are just a few clicks away. Simply browse the alloys displayed below or use our user-friendly search and filter options to identify your desired grade. We can help meet your strength, mechanical, and project needs no matter the demands of the environment.

We offer non-ferrous, specialty, and stainless steel alloys; custom options are available for your project.  For more information about a specific alloy or its application, contact us or consider a TekSession. You can also download our Alloy Guide.



Alloy Cast Number

MetalTek Grade

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Alloy Grade UNS: C81500 – Chromium Copper

Cast UNS: C81500

Cast Grade: C81500

Cast ASTM:

Military/ASM: MIL-C-19310A

Alloy Grade UNS: C81100 – Copper Alloy

Cast UNS: C81100

Cast Grade: C81100

Cast ASTM:


Alloy Grade UNS: C81540 – Chromium Copper

Cast UNS: C81540

Cast Grade: C81540

Cast ASTM:


Alloy Grade UNS: C90700 – Copper-Tin Alloy’s 

Cast UNS: C90700

Cast Grade: C90700

Cast ASTM: B427, B505

Military/ASM: QQ-C-390B

Alloy Grade UNS: C86200 Copper-Zinc Alloys

Cast UNS: C86200

Cast Grade: C86200

Cast ASTM: B271, B584, B148

Military/ASM: MIL-C-15345-5, MIL-C-2229-9

Alloy Grade UNS: C90300 – Copper-Tin Alloys 

Cast UNS: C90300

Cast Grade: C90300

Cast ASTM: B271, B584

Military/ASM: MIL-C-15345-8

Alloy Grade UNS: C11600 – Copper with Silver

Cast UNS: C11600

Cast Grade:

Cast ASTM:


Alloy Grade UNS: C91100 – Copper-Tin Alloys

Cast UNS: C91100

Cast Grade: C91100

Cast ASTM: B22


Alloy Grade – UNS: C90800 Copper-Tin Alloy

Cast UNS: C90800

Cast Grade: C90800

Cast ASTM: B427


Alloy Grade UNS: C86500 – Copper-Zinc Alloys

Cast UNS: C86500

Cast Grade: C86500

Cast ASTM: B271, B584, B148

Military/ASM: MIL-C-15345-4

Alloy Grade UNS: C92300 – Copper-Tin Alloys

Cast UNS: C92300

Cast Grade: C92300

Cast ASTM: B271, B584

Military/ASM: MIL-C-15345-10

Alloy Grade UNS: C92200 Copper-Tin Alloys

Cast UNS: C92200

Cast Grade: C92200

Cast ASTM: B271, B61, B584

Military/ASM: MIL-C-15345-9

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