Specialty Alloys

Specialty Alloys comprise a broad group of materials that deliver properties for more demanding applications, use more exotic or expensive materials, or require special processes to manufacture. Where standard materials may not offer desired performance, specialty alloys (including those that are modified further) may be a sensible selection.

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High temperature long-life furnace alloys with stress rupture and creep strength.

Steels engineered to withstand repeated load and impact, with superior wear resistance,

Balancing tensile and yield strength against stainess steel's corrosion or heat resistance

Abrasion resistant cast iron is used in wear applications where strength is required.

Premium material for extreme temperature, corrosion, and pressure environments.

Alloys developed for strength and corrosion resistance at high temperature.

High temperature demands for strength, hardness, galling, corrosion, erosion resistance.

Nickel-based superalloys with excellent strength ductility over a wide temperature range.